It is our mission to provide our customers with the best and safest

possible vegetation control at the lowest cost per acre.


We achieve this goal by keeping up with the latest laws and

regulations and insuring compliance so you don't have to.



          We use the most technically advanced and sophisticated weapons in existence

      to eradicate unwanted vegetation.


         We're so serious about our mission that we design and fabricate our own        

  application equipment because there's nothing available in the industry 

   that's built to combat an all out war on weeds.




With our precision equipment, we can apply chemical in a way that's safer, more precise, more effective, and more economical than you or your company can using

conventional methods. All of our field personnel are extensively trained to handle and spray the chemicals we use in the safest manner possible. 

This translates into savings many times over from the way you or your company are currently handling their unwanted vegetation control now.